Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Parental Controls on Tablet devices

There is an urgent need for good parental controls on mobile tablet devices. The video bellow is from of Ali Naqi Shaheer at Le Web. He talks about the need for proper parental controls on the iPad. Apple offers some parental controls but not in the browser and there is no way to monitor your what your kids do or watch on the device. Net Nanny and other parental controls on Windows computers have been popular for years, but they don't work on mobile devices and since mobile devices are so portable they are needed all the more. Apple makes it very difficult for a 3rd party app to monitor what else is happening on the system, but Android is more open.
When I built Smart Lock I knew it would help some parents but I also knew that it wouldn't be enough. I'm working on a better solution. I'll post more information in the coming weeks.