Wednesday, April 9, 2008


If you're like me then you love Disc Golf. I get together with some friends about twice a week to play at the local course. I know roughly what my average score is, but I'd like to keep track of my scores better. And it would be awesome to be able to compare my scores to all my friends scores!

This is why I am developing a simple application to do this and a couple other cool things.
The app is codenamed "Disc Golf App".

"Disc Golf App" let's you:
  • Track your scores on each course so you can compare with your friends.
  • Find any disc golf course and get turn-by-turn directions to it.
  • Map out an entire course with GPS locations, fill in the details simply by drawing on the map with your finger and sharing your course map with your friends and the community.
  • Read reviews, see photos and videos of a course before you play it for the first time.
  • Easily share scores, videos and photos of your golf trip with your friends.
  • Select the disc that will get you closest to the pin based on your throwing history and the history of others.
  • Use the built in GPS range finder to determine exactly how far away you are from the pin and the edge of the water.
  • Schedule a game with your friends.
  • Analyze crazy detailed statistics and graph your progress.
  • Check the 3-day weather forecast.
  • Meet new golfers in your area.
And all this will run on your cell phone so you never be without it.

Note: There will be a regular golf version as well.

I will be release a video soon. You can sign up for email updates here.
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