Monday, June 21, 2010

Nightshade Labs

Gold Fish View is now Nightshade Labs. I liked the old name and it served its purpose, but I like the new name much better. The new name is easier to say and more marketable.
Nightshade Labs represents quality, intrigue, and eggplants (ok, maybe not eggplants).

Progress Report
Smart Lock 2.0 is coming along very well. I will release it in a couple of weeks. You can get Smart Lock 1.2.2 in the Android Market right now for only 99 cents. If you buy it now you will get a free upgrade to Smart Lock 2.0, but hurry because I will be increasing the price shortly.

After I release Smart Lock 2.0 I will switch gears to Disc Golf App. I'm really anxious to get Disc Golf App beta out the door, so look for it soon.
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